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Making a List, Checking it Twice…for Toxic Toys

Noble McIntyre on December 16, 2014

You’re probably in the midst of holiday gift-buying frenzy, or maybe your gifts are neatly wrapped and ready to be given to excited recipients. If your gift-giving involves pint-sized loved ones, though, you might want to take a little extra caution as you fill the stockings, especially if you’re loading up on fun trinkets or cute, kitschy toys.

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Chronic Pain and Medical Malpractice

Noble McIntyre on December 9, 2014

Chronic pain is a serious condition defined as pain that lasts longer than six months. Chronic pain takes many forms – it could be ongoing or intermittent, mild or severe, simply bothersome or incapacitating. For some people, chronic pain is caused by a specific injury or infection. For others, though, there isn’t a clear cause. Continue reading

McIntyre Law Hosts the 5th Annual Day of Kindness

Noble McIntyre on December 2, 2014

McIntyre Law is proud to be part of the Oklahoma City community and to us, “community” means giving back. That’s why the 5th Annual Day of Kindness has become a beloved tradition for our staff. Unfortunately, there are too many people in our community who don’t have the resources to have a hot turkey dinner on their tables for Thanksgiving… or hearty meals throughout the year. Therefore, we’re committed to providing a delicious, filling Thanksgiving dinner to those who would otherwise go without – we’re now in our fifth year of the turkey giveaway, and we will continue for many years ahead. Continue reading

McIntyre to be Installed as President of the Oklahoma Association of Justice

Jeremy Thurman on

Justice belongs to everyone but all too frequently those most in need lack a champion to take up their cause and are left voiceless.  There is little more important than providing a voice for those unable to speak up for themselves and Noble McIntyre has proven his commitment to fighting for justice for Oklahoma citizens, which is why the Oklahoma Association for Justice has named McIntyre its incoming president. He is honored to have been elected, and intends to use his position to have an even greater positive influence in Oklahoma.   Throughout his career he has worked diligently to highlight the positive perception of trial lawyers by encouraging community involvement and charitable work.   His firm recently hosted the McIntyre Law 5th Annual Day of Kindness which is just one of several events that the firm does to help those in need in the community. He was recently awarded the 2014 American Association for Justice Trial Lawyers Care aware for his charitable work. Continue reading

Turkey! Football! Have an Injury-free Thanksgiving

Noble McIntyre on November 25, 2014

If your family is one whose traditions include a spirited game of Thanksgiving touch football, you’re not alone. For families all across America, a game of football is… as American as Thanksgiving, itself. But, if you’re not careful, that fun holiday game could have some serious repercussions.

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Staying Safe on Wintry Roads

Noble McIntyre on November 18, 2014

If you’re like most Oklahomans, you awoke to the news this morning that we’ve had our first blast of wintry weather for this season. That means that you’re scrambling your schedules because schools are closed, modifying your work commute and, hopefully, allowing extra time to get to your destinations today. There are always a few extra fender-benders that come with the first storm because people forget some of the basics about driving in wintry weather. Here are a few reminders so that you can stay safe on the roads, and keep the roads safe for other motorists: Continue reading

McIntyre Law Hosts the Fifth Annual Day of Kindness

Noble McIntyre on November 11, 2014

Hunger continues to plague one in seven Oklahomans and yet again, McIntyre Law, P.C. is stepping up to help. The McIntyre Law Fifth Annual Day of Kindness will take place over the next few weeks at various locations in Oklahoma City, Norman, El Reno and Tulsa. Continue reading

Knowing Your Frontal Air Bag

Noble McIntyre on November 4, 2014

If your passenger car or light truck was manufactured in 2006 or later, you have advanced frontal air bags. While air bags are designed to make your experience as a driver or passenger safer, you still need to know some potentially life-saving facts in order to use them to the fullest potential.

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Safe — not spooky — on Halloween!

Jeremy Thurman on October 28, 2014

Kids, especially, love Halloween. It’s possible that yours have been planning their costumes since July (or sooner). And, while kids and adults alike love to get into the festivities, costumes, sweets and general Halloween merriment, it’s important to be aware of a few safety guidelines so that we can all remain safe and healthy. Continue reading

Is Your Furniture Hazardous to Your Kids’ Health?

Noble McIntyre on October 21, 2014

If you have very young children or babies, you’ve probably thought about baby-proofing your home – you make sure that there are no small objects around that could be choking hazards, you might gate your stairs to prevent children from falling, and you likely take plenty of other precautions to ensure your children’s safety. But, you might not realize that one of the biggest in-home risks to children is being crushed by falling furniture.

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