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Common car accident injuries

Noble McIntyre on February 9, 2016

Car insurance industry statistics show that the average person will file a claim for a car collision about once every 18 years. That means that during your driving lifetime, you would be statistically likely to have three to four car accidents. This could mean anything from a parking lot fender-bender to serious injury collisions. The good news is that the likelihood is that your crashes won’t be fatal — of about 10 million accidents on U.S. roads each year, about three of every 1,000 accidents are fatalities.

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Recall Roundup: Office Depot Chairs, Infant Car Seats and More

Noble McIntyre on February 2, 2016

We all love to believe that once we purchase an item, it’s safe and ready for long-time use. But, sometimes that doesn’t happen. On occasion, a product will be recalled because it is determined to be unsafe or cause injury after it has been brought to market. There are lots of recalls every day, and we can’t report on all of them, but we try to hit the highlights. For more recall information about the products in your home or office, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For now, take a look at some of the big ones we’re watching right now.

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Getting a DUI in Oklahoma

Noble McIntyre on January 26, 2016

It’s not news that DUI, or driving under the influence, is a serious problem in Oklahoma, and nationwide. If you get a DUI in Oklahoma, your penalties could be anything from jail, fines, and license suspension to an ignition interlock device (IID) — or any combination of those. Continue reading

McIntyre Law Gives Back: 2015 Year in Review

Noble McIntyre on January 20, 2016

McIntyre Law is part of your community. Our community. That’s why in addition to working diligently to help our clients recover from personal injuries, medical malpractice, defective drugs and medical devices, and other harms, we also put time and effort into giving back — to everyone.

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Are you a victim of air ambulance overbilling?

Noble McIntyre on January 12, 2016

An air ambulance might have saved your life. You can’t put a dollar amount on that… but the air ambulance companies can. In what’s become a common method for transportation in emergency situations, patients are being airlifted to hospitals and trauma centers in helicopters equipped with emergency medical equipment. Sounds great, right? Sometimes, yes. But, the sticker shock comes while you’re recovering from your injuries. An air ambulance transport could cost upwards of $40,000, and your insurance will likely only pay a small portion of that cost.

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Takata Airbag Recall Update

Noble McIntyre on January 5, 2016

McIntyre Law brought you news last year about a major Takata airbag recall that was affecting hundreds of millions of cars including popular models of Honda, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota and BMW vehicles. As of last week, the recall was continuing to expand, with the addition of Honda CR-V, Mazda6, and Subaru Legacy and Outback models. The recalls are due to the fact that the Takata airbags can explode when they deploy, which means that debris could fly into the vehicle’s cabin and injure the occupants.

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McIntyre Law Releases Sixth Annual DUI Report

Noble McIntyre on December 28, 2015

Statistics Show 9% Decrease in Alcohol-related Traffic Fatalities in Oklahoma

It’s no secret that DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, continues to be a nationwide problem, and Oklahoma is no exception. The good news is that the number of alcohol-related fatalities on Oklahoma roads has decreased a small amount in the past year. Specifically, the Oklahoma drunk driving statistics show that there were 9 percent fewer alcohol-related fatalities in 2014 than in 2013. While it’s encouraging that the number is trending downwards, there is still work to be done — alcohol-related fatalities are preventable. Who can prevent them? YOU. By taking precautions to make sure that you never are drunk behind the wheel, you can be part of the solution.

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Diabetes Drug Onglyza Lawsuits Begin

Noble McIntyre on December 22, 2015

If you are living with diabetes, you don’t need us to tell you that it can be tricky business. For most people with diabetes, there’s a constant, daily flow of monitoring blood sugar, food intake and exercise in order to keep the condition under control. Thankfully, there are several drugs on the market today that aim to help you stay healthy and keep your blood sugar in check. The last thing you need, though, is to use a drug that could cause more serious problems down the road. Onglyza, which has been FDA-approved for only six years, has been shown to have side-effects that could include heart failure or pancreatic cancer.

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Driving Tips for Seniors

Noble McIntyre on December 15, 2015

Should you, your parent, or another loved one still be driving?

As people age, their driving abilities might diminish. However, many seniors can continue to drive well into their elder years if they take some steps to reduce risk factors and use extra caution. The first question to ask yourself or a loved one is to evaluate whether you actually are able to drive safely and competently. SeniorDriving by AAA offers the Drivers 65 Plus tool that asks a series of questions geared towards helping you determine whether it is still safe to drive. Once you’ve answered the questions, you can calculate your score, which will then give you an idea as to whether you are safe on the road, should use some additional caution, or should consider giving up the keys.

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Noble McIntyre on December 8, 2015

Winter is upon us, which means that there are things that we need to be aware of that might not be as big an issue at other times of the year. For example, be wary of carbon monoxide fumes that could be deadly. Also, your driving habits need to change when the roads are snowy or icy.

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