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Turkey! Football! Have an Injury-free Thanksgiving

Noble McIntyre on November 25, 2014

If your family is one whose traditions include a spirited game of Thanksgiving touch football, you’re not alone. For families all across America, a game of football is… as American as Thanksgiving, itself. But, if you’re not careful, that fun holiday game could have some serious repercussions.

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Staying Safe on Wintry Roads

Noble McIntyre on November 18, 2014

If you’re like most Oklahomans, you awoke to the news this morning that we’ve had our first blast of wintry weather for this season. That means that you’re scrambling your schedules because schools are closed, modifying your work commute and, hopefully, allowing extra time to get to your destinations today. There are always a few extra fender-benders that come with the first storm because people forget some of the basics about driving in wintry weather. Here are a few reminders so that you can stay safe on the roads, and keep the roads safe for other motorists: Continue reading

McIntyre Law Hosts the Fifth Annual Day of Kindness

Noble McIntyre on November 11, 2014

Hunger continues to plague one in seven Oklahomans and yet again, McIntyre Law, P.C. is stepping up to help. The McIntyre Law Fifth Annual Day of Kindness will take place over the next few weeks at various locations in Oklahoma City, Norman, El Reno and Tulsa. Continue reading

Knowing Your Frontal Air Bag

Noble McIntyre on November 4, 2014

If your passenger car or light truck was manufactured in 2006 or later, you have advanced frontal air bags. While air bags are designed to make your experience as a driver or passenger safer, you still need to know some potentially life-saving facts in order to use them to the fullest potential.

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Safe — not spooky — on Halloween!

Jeremy Thurman on October 28, 2014

Kids, especially, love Halloween. It’s possible that yours have been planning their costumes since July (or sooner). And, while kids and adults alike love to get into the festivities, costumes, sweets and general Halloween merriment, it’s important to be aware of a few safety guidelines so that we can all remain safe and healthy. Continue reading

Is Your Furniture Hazardous to Your Kids’ Health?

Noble McIntyre on October 21, 2014

If you have very young children or babies, you’ve probably thought about baby-proofing your home – you make sure that there are no small objects around that could be choking hazards, you might gate your stairs to prevent children from falling, and you likely take plenty of other precautions to ensure your children’s safety. But, you might not realize that one of the biggest in-home risks to children is being crushed by falling furniture.

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Peace of Mind: Knowing your Vehicle’s Recall History

Noble McIntyre on October 14, 2014

You hear every day in the news about huge numbers of vehicles being recalled – sometimes the defects are small, but other times they can be serious and could affect the safety of your vehicle if not corrected. Often, the recall notices can be confusing. Sometimes recalls affect only certain models from certain years… the dealership or manufacturer of the car should let you know if your vehicle is affected, but that doesn’t always happen. If you moved, bought a previously-owned car, or had any other break in the chain of communication, you likely don’t receive a notice in the mail each time a recall affects you.

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2014 Fire Prevention Week

Noble McIntyre on October 8, 2014

Once in a while, a little flashing light on a smoke detector in your home might catch your eye. But, when was the last time you actually checked your smoke detectors to make sure that they are still in good working order? Probably not for a while. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries once a month. This week is the National Fire Protection Association’s Fire Prevention Week, which is also a great reminder to complete this important task. Continue reading

Distracted Driving – Investigation into Trucking Collision with North Central Texas College Softball Bus

Jeremy Thurman on September 29, 2014

Interesting details coming from the live stream on KOCO of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s news conference regarding the tragic accident on Interstate 35 that claimed the lives of four athletes from the North Central Texas College. If you follow these types of tragic semi accidents, you will know that a northbound tractor trailer crossed over the median and struck a bus carrying a softball team from North Central Texas College. According to reports, along with the four (4) deceased players numerous others young adults were injured. Fox News has reported the following regarding the investigation: Continue reading

Have you been a Victim of Bad Faith Insurance?

Jeremy Thurman on September 23, 2014

Anyone who owns a car or home is required to have an insurance policy. For your vehicle, you’re insured so that in the event of an accident or other loss, the policy will cover the cost of the vehicle, your medical expenses and the expenses incurred by the other party if you’re found to have been at fault in a collision. For your home, you’re protected against theft, fire, and other loss or catastrophe. Of course, many of us have lots of other kinds of insurance, too – health, life, professional or umbrella policies. As you pay your insurance premiums, do you ever wonder… what if my insurance company refuses to pay? Continue reading



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