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McIntyre Law Helps High School Mock Trial Team

Jeremy Thurman on April 14, 2015

Students at Moore High School in Moore, Oklahoma are about to have a learning experience that could influence their lives and careers in ways they can’t even imagine. A talented and ambitious group of students is preparing for a national mock trial competition in North Carolina in May.

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Recall Roundup

Noble McIntyre on April 7, 2015

We all like to trust that the items we buy will be safe when used in the manner in which they were intended. However, that’s not always the case. At McIntyre Law, we understand that some products are downright dangerous–even when used properly—because of either a manufacturing or design defect. That’s why we are always here to advocate for you; the team at McIntyre Law has recovered millions of dollars for clients injured as a result of defective products, both large and small. Of course, the best-case scenario is not to get injured, at all… so let’s take a look at some of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recent product recalls so that you and your family can stay safe.

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How Safe is Your City?

Noble McIntyre on March 31, 2015

DUI (driving under the influence) is no joke. And, what’s more important than your safety, and the safety of your loved ones? The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office recently released new crash statistics for 2013, and they are (and should be) sobering. Although the total number of crashes decreased by 1.8% in 2013, that’s a small amount, considering that the total number of crashes was 69,430.

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Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up

Noble McIntyre on March 24, 2015

Hopefully, you’re one of the millions of Americans who immediately buckles his or her seat belt when you get in the car. Many of us do this without even thinking about it because it’s so routine and so ingrained into our normal behavior—as it should be. Now, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is making sure that it becomes habit for your kids, too. The Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up campaign is the first-ever that is aimed at encouraging “tweens” (the age 8-14 set) to buckle their seat belts… every time.

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Spring is Here: Be Careful on those Motorcycles!

Noble McIntyre on March 17, 2015

The air is getting warmer and the sun is beginning to shine. Lots of people are dusting off their bikes and hitting the road. But, we all need to remember the basics of motorcycle safety. This weekend, three people died after a motorcycle wreck in Lincoln County. NewsOK reports that after a northbound vehicle started to go off the road at U.S. 177 at State Highway 105, the driver overcorrected and the struck a motorcycle driven by Steven Franetovich of Shawnee. Franetovich was thrown from his bike, which was then struck by a motorcycle driven by Clayton Franetovich. A third motorcyclist, Brian Bacon, intentionally laid his bike down to avoid hitting the other two, but he slid off the road. All three were killed.

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New Warnings About Side-effects of Testosterone Drugs

Noble McIntyre on March 10, 2015

Testosterone therapy as treatment for low-T (or low testosterone) is not new, and we’ve been aware of the risks of low-T treatment for a long time. The three-part series we published last year (Testosterone Therapy: Treatments, Risks and Awareness, When to Seek Treatment for Low-T and Reducing the Effects of Low-T with Alternatives to Testosterone Therapy) is a great source of information about this controversial medical treatment.

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Oklahoma Lawmakers: Get Uninsured Drivers Off the Roads!

Noble McIntyre on March 3, 2015

Oklahoma has a dubious distinction: It is the number one state with respect to the number of uninsured drivers on the road. 25 percent of motorists, or one in four, is uninsured and driving illegally. Insurance Commissioner John Doak helped push a bill through the Legislature in 2013 that created the Temporary Motorist Liability Program.

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Anti-nausea Drug Zofran and Birth Defects

Noble McIntyre on February 24, 2015

If you’re like many women, you might think of early pregnancy as being associated with the discomfort of nausea. Some expectant moms experience mild nausea for a few weeks and it goes away, but others experience severe nausea that can continue throughout the pregnancy. Nausea is common in pregnancy, and even women who experience severe nausea go on to have successful pregnancies and healthy babies. However, some physicians will prescribe drugs to some pregnant women in order to ease the discomfort of severe nausea.

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What you Need to Know about the 2015 Measles Outbreak

Noble McIntyre on February 17, 2015

It’s back. Measles was once considered to be a disease that was long gone… like polio or mumps, for example. But, whether or not there have been cases in your community yet, there’s a likelihood that there will be at some point. We don’t want anyone to be alarmed, but we do want you to be knowledgeable about what could be a deadly disease.

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Oklahoma Police Officer Killed in the Line of Duty by Distracted Driver

Noble McIntyre on February 10, 2015

Every police officer knows that each time the uniform goes on, he or she could be putting himself or herself in danger. What that danger will be is unknown until the officer sees how that shift unfolds. At one time or another, almost every law enforcement officer will need to make a routine traffic stop, but no one expects that it will be his last. Sadly, Trooper Nicholas Dees was killed January 31st when he was investigating an accident involving an overturned tractor trailer on Interstate 40 in Seminole County. Dees, 30, who leaves behind a wife and two young daughters, was killed when he was hit by a distracted driver. Another officer, Kevin Burch, was also injured in the accident but is expected to survive.

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