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Although the number of car crashes in Oklahoma has dropped in recent years, they’re still an all-too-common occurrence in cities across the state, including Tulsa. Once you’ve taken care of the immediate aftermath with the police or other emergency personnel, where do you turn next? Maybe you need someone to repair your car, or a post-injury service like long-term care.

While we usually think of injuries being a result of accidents, there’s another type of injury—that which is caused by pharmaceuticals. The side effects of certain drugs can sometimes be devastating. For example, Dilantin side effects can include serious skin conditions that require the care of a dermatologist in addition to a medical doctor.

We don’t always know where to find the best services for our needs, whether it’s a reputable body shop, or a doctor with experience in treating certain conditions. We hope the list of injury recovery services we’ve created will help residents of Tulsa whenever they find themselves in these types of situations. It’s our hope you won’t need these services, but we also know that sometimes, injuries can’t be avoided, and it’s best to have emergency information available.

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Tulsa Medical Services


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Snyder Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Dr. Justin Snyder

4146 S Harvard Ave #F5

Tulsa, OK 74135

(918) 749-7772

Natural Health Chiropractic Center

Dr. Michael Lau

6130 S Maplewood Ave

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 481-9200

Alliance Chiropractic Center

Dr. Fred Bogan

1211 S Harvard Ave

Tulsa, OK 74112

(918) 832-7880

Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic

Dr. Travis Ring

6922 S Lewis Ave

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 935-3432

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Utica Dental

Dr. Mike Hinkle

1720 S Utica Ave

Tulsa, OK 74104

(918) 712-0000

Revitalize Dental Implants

Dr. Chis Templeton

6565 S Yale Ave Suite 909

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 508-2121

Garry Anderson DMD

Dr. Garry Anderson

4415 S Harvard Ave Ste 102

Tulsa, OK 74135

(918) 742-2096

Fox Broermann Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Sarah Fox

6565 S Yale Ave Ste 401

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 492-1106

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Dermatology and Laser Center of OK

Dr. Mary Christian

9306 S Toledo Ave Suite 100

Tulsa, OK 74137

(918) 494-0400

Warren Clinic Dermatology

Dr. John Ashley

6160 S Yale Ave

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 495-2688

Skin Care Institute

Dr. Jeff Alexander

6565 S Yale Ave Suite 503

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 494-8333

Dermatology Surgery Center

Dr. Scott Meyers

1440 Terrace Dr

Tulsa, OK 74104

(918) 293-9966

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Orthopedic Surgeons

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Central States Ortho Specs

Dr. James Cash

Dr. Ronald Labutti

6585 S Yale Ave Suite 200

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 481-2767

Warren Clinc ORS/SPM

Dr. Bruce Markman

6475 S Yale Ave Suite 202

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 494-4460

Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center

Dr. Scott Rahhal

6475 S Yale Ave Suite 301

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 494-9300

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Tulsa Professional Services

Auto Repair

View Tulsa Professional Services – Auto Repair in a larger map

HHH Transmission

5306 S Peoria Ave

Tulsa, OK 74105

(918) 794-8660

Second Opinion Automotive

4136-B S 70th E Ave

Tulsa, OK 74145

(918) 409-0577

Encinas Automotive

4722 S Peoria Ave

Tulsa, OK 74105

(918) 747-0597

Whistlers Automotive Repair

3225 S Yale Ave

Tulsa, OK 74135

(918) 895-6000

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Asbestos Testing and Removal

View Tulsa Professional Services – Asbestos Testing and Removal in a larger map

Asbestos Handlers Incorporated

6920 E Reading Place

Tulsa, OK 74115

(918) 836-5585

Blackshare Environmental Solutions

5121 S Wheeling Ave

Tulsa, OK 74105

(918) 388-0970

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