21 Oklahoma Counties Under Burn Ban

Jeremy Thurman on July 10, 2012

High temperatures and little precipitation have caused several Oklahoma counties to declare burn bans. In fact the dry weather is so widespread across the state no less then 21 counties are currently under burn bans. A burn ban means residents are prohibited from burning trash, or building campfires or bonfires. But something else on the list of banned activities may surprise you, and could cause property damage if you or your neighbors ignore the rules.

In addition to other burning restrictions, residents of counties under a burn ban are prohibited from grilling with charcoal or wood. This is an especially cumbersome restriction as grilling is a commonly enjoyed summer activity. The restriction is partly due to the need to dispose of burned material which, if done improperly, could ignite vegetation in dry weather conditions.

The counties currently under burn bans are: The counties currently under burn bans are: Adair, Blaine, Beaver, Creek, Comanche, Custer, Dewey, Haskell, Latimer, LeFlore, Mayes, McIntosh, Muskogee, Ottawa, Payne, Pittsburg, Seminole, Sequoyah, Tillman, Tulsa and Wagoner.

Those who violate county burn bans may be subject to $500 fines. If you reside in a county that has instituted a burn ban, and you see someone in violation of the ban, report it to the authorities. Anyone ignoring a burn ban is putting not only themselves, but their neighbors—and their neighbors’ property—at risk for injury or damage.

While news outlets will report on any further burn bans, your best bet is to follow the Oklahoma Forestry Services website for up-to-date information on county burn bans.

And if your property is damaged due to someone else’s neglect, contact us so we can help you secure compensation.

Jeremy Thurman

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