Bumbo Recalls Popular Baby Seat

Jeremy Thurman on August 21, 2012

After reports of skull fractures in nearly two dozen infants have surfaced over the last few months, Bumbo Baby Seats recently announced their voluntary recall of roughly four Million seats. The molded foam seats are popular among parents for their ability to prop up infants too young to sit on their own. However, recent events have demonstrated that the seats can be wiggled out of, and have the potential to be dangerous even when placed on the ground as instructed.

While no fatal injuries have occurred, the recall is concerning for parents who have grown to trust the Bumbo brand and its products. When victimized by a defective product, many parents turn to Product Liability Lawyers for guidance.

This second recall comes after reports in 2007 that infants were falling out of the Bumbo Seats when placed on counters or tables and sustaining serious head injuries. Bumbo addressed the original concerns with a recall focused on raising awareness on necessary safety procedures for the seats.

Bumbo emphasizes that concerned parents don’t need to return the baby seats, but do need to cease using them until a safety belt has been installed. Consumers should contact Bumbo to receive a restraint belt kit. The kit includes a belt with a new warning sticker, installation instructions, proper use instructions, and a new warning sticker. Once installed, the restraint belt will keep infants firmly in the foam seat.

The recall comes with the repeated appeal to parents to not place the Bumbo seats on any raised surface regardless of whether or not the child will be kept within view. The Bumbo Baby Seats offer a convenient and desirable product, but as with any product intended for infants, supervision is always necessary.

Jeremy Thurman

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