Chemotherapy drug Taxotere and permanent hair loss

Noble McIntyre on April 19, 2017


Chemotherapy is difficult to endure, even in the best-case scenario. In addition to all the other effects that chemotherapy has on your body and your emotional self, it’s now been shown that popular drug Taxotere could be causing permanent and irreversible hair loss. If you think that you might be a victim of Taxotere hair loss, we can help.

Lawsuits are being filed on behalf of patients who were treated with Taxotere because the manufacturer allegedly did not warn physicians and patients that permanent hair loss was a risk, and that there are other chemotherapy drugs that would be just as effective, but without the possibility of permanent hair loss.

Is Taxol a better alternative to Taxotere?

For many patients, the answer could be yes. Plaintiffs’ attorneys in Taxotere lawsuits argue that Taxol could be a more effective life-saving drug, and that it is not linked with permanent hair loss.

Most pharmaceuticals can have side-effects, and every patient experiences them differently. Most of the side-effects to Taxotere are similar to those of other chemotherapy drugs; these long-term effects can include bone pain, muscle aches, numbing sensations in the extremities, and others. However, in the case of Taxotere (generic name: docetaxel), the long-term reactions are less common than the immediate ones — like fluid retention, infusion reactions, fatigue and febrile neutropenia. Those issues, though, can be lessened by modifying the dose and will cease when treatment concludes.

There’s more information on Taxotere side-effects on our website.

What to do if you’ve experienced Taxotere hair loss

If you’ve been treated with Taxotere as part of your chemotherapy, and you are experiencing permanent hair loss, McIntyre Law can help. Especially if your physician never informed you that permanent hair loss was a possibility following Taxotere treatment, you could be eligible to join a lawsuit. We can’t bring back your hair, unfortunately — but we can help in other ways so that you’re compensated for the harms that you’ve endured at the hands of drug manufacturers. We understand that this is sensitive and emotional, and it could be hard to discuss. Know before you call that our team is experienced in working with clients at the most difficult moments of their lives; because we advocate for victims of motor vehicle accidents, other personal injury scenarios, medical malpractice, and medical device failures, we understand that you’re coming to us because you’ve suffered harm and don’t know what else to do. We treat every client with the utmost compassion and care, and we’ll help you recover the funds you deserve. If you’ve suffered as a result of Taxotere, contact us today for a free consultation.


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