College Student Tragically Mauled by Own Dogs

Jeremy Thurman on September 4, 2012

Rebecca Carey of Decatur, Georgia, was found dead in her home after she failed to make it to work on Sunday, August 16th. The friend and coworker who found Carey at home with her dogs, stated that she was unsure of what had happened at first, but a report from the coroner later revealed that Carey was the victim of a fatal dog attack.

A lifelong animal lover, Carey was just 23, but had already volunteered hundreds of hours over the years to animal rescue organizations. Of the five dogs that were present at the time of the attack, four were dogs that Carey had rescued, and the fifth was a dog she was watching for a friend. Carey had owned one of the dogs, a pit bull, for over six years. The other four dogs: a pit bull, two Presa Canarios, and a boxer mix, ranged in size from 15 to 80 pounds.

The Dekalb County medical examiner reported that Carey sustained multiple bite wounds to the torso and neck, sometime over the weekend. Officials speculate that she may have been trying to break up a fight between the dogs, when she was knocked over and became the focus of the aggression.

In the days that followed the attack, Carey’s family issued a statement that celebrated her love of animals, and pointed to a book, ‘Throw Away Pets,’ that she read as a child as the inspiration for her work with animals.

Since the death of Rebecca Carey, all five dogs present at the time have been euthanized. Although it is unknown whether or not all of the dogs were involved in the attack, officials state that it would be too risky to place any of them in a new home. Despite claims from friends that some of the dogs were known to be gentle; Carey’s parents consented to have them euthanized for the safety of others. The mysterious circumstances surrounding Carey’s death only make this tragic case more difficult for all involved.

Jeremy Thurman

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