Common car accident injuries

Noble McIntyre on February 9, 2016

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Car insurance industry statistics show that the average person will file a claim for a car collision about once every 18 years. That means that during your driving lifetime, you would be statistically likely to have three to four car accidents. This could mean anything from a parking lot fender-bender to serious injury collisions. The good news is that the likelihood is that your crashes won’t be fatal — of about 10 million accidents on U.S. roads each year, about three of every 1,000 accidents are fatalities.

There are some injuries that are common in a car accident. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, McIntyre Law can help. We can work with you to recover the costs you incur from either one-time or recurring medical expenses or lost wages, even for a “minor” accident.

Car accident head injuries

Any head injury can be serious. In a high-speed collision, a driver or passenger could hit his or her head against the steering wheel, dashboard or window. The worst-case scenario (aside from fatality) is a traumatic brain injury. This would include anything from a mild concussion to a coma, which could also cause long-term cognitive and executive function problems. A car accident could also leave someone with hearing or vision loss or skull fractures.

Back injuries

A back injury could include a range of effects, including nerve damage that could affect sensation and control in arms, hands, feet and legs. A herniated disc can also cause numbness, weakness or pain in the arms and legs.

Neck and chest injuries

You’ve probably heard of “whiplash”. This happens when a sudden jolt causes your head and neck to jerk forward, which could cause muscle or ligament damage. This is one of the most common car accident injuries. The chest, area, too, can be affected by a sudden jolt or impact. Broken ribs, collapsed lungs and damage to internal organs, the pelvis or the abdomen could also be an issue.

Motorcycle accident injuries

A motorcycle accident could present a unique set of injuries. Injuries to arms, legs, hands and feet are common, but also much more serious injuries like broken bones and severed limbs. The fatality rate is much higher for motorcyclists than for drivers or passengers in other vehicles.

Of course, any motor vehicle accident could have a range of injuries from minor scrapes or cuts to traumatic injuries. There are so many factors that affect how an accident plays out for a driver, passenger or pedestrian—seat belt use, speed, airbags, and others—that can have an impact on long-term injuries and recovery. Some accidents are just that… accidents. They are not preventable, and a few are inevitable in every person’s lifetime. But, no one should have to suffer from a preventable accident. Avoiding some common causes of serious accidents can help—DUI, drowsy driving and distracted driving (which includes driving while texting, among other things) all have high rates of injury. Avoiding these behaviors can help you avoid a severe injury accident. Be safe!

Noble McIntyre

Noble McIntyre is the senior partner and owner of McIntyre Law who focuses primarily on drug litigation and catastrophic injury cases. He is currently representing clients injured by the drugs Paxil, Levaquin and testosterone therapy drugs and by clients affected by oil field injuries. His goal has and continues to be to work diligently on behalf of his clients to achieve the highest and best result for his clients’ injuries while maintaining professionalism and abiding by all ethical standards of his profession. Read more about Noble McIntyre.

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