Driving in Inclement Weather: Resources and Tips

Jeremy Thurman on February 26, 2013

With large parts of the state of Oklahoma waking up to more snow and hazardous conditions, for those attempting to get to work today, driving may be a challenge. With a little extra caution and the help of a few resources, any driver can stay a little safer on slick Oklahoma roads.

Resources for Inclement Weather

  • The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety offers drivers a road condition map that is updated frequently and sections the state off into counties. The road conditions are broken down into levels from “normal conditions” to “slick and hazardous.” Drivers can get a better sense of what the roads will be like for longer commutes where the weather may change from one area so the next.
  • For residents of Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, there is a useful PDF of designated regional snow routes. The map includes sixteen cities, four counties, and numerous state agencies in the metro area.
  • Oklahoma City has additional winter weather resources including videos on winter weather driving tips, regional snow routes, and winter weather response.

Tips for Driving in Snow

  • One of the most important tips when confronted with icy or snowy conditions, is to allow yourself the extra time needed to get to your location at a much slower and cautious speed. Along those same lines, accelerate slowly to avoid spinning tires.
  • Keep more space between you and other cars than you normally would. Likewise, begin braking for intersections well before you normally would.
  • Brake gently and slowly to avoid skidding, and consider using low gears to keep traction. The slower your car goes, and the more gradual your transitions, the easier it will be to keep control.
  • Don’t approach hills by applying extra gas. Instead, try to gather inertia before you get to the hill. Applying too much gas can lead to spinning wheels. Remember to reduce your speed as you crest the hill, but don’t’ stop on the hill, it will be difficult to start again.

For More Tips and Information on Winter Driving:

AAA Road Safety

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