Labor Day Weekend: Fatal Boating Accident at Lake Eufaula

Amber Fraire on September 10, 2010

Labor Day weekend is  a weekend of fun and relaxation. It is a long weekend where friends and family gather at cook outs and often travel to a lake and enjoy boating activities. Sadly, this past Labor Day turned into a nightmare for the friends and family of a 38 year old man from Oklahoma City, who was involved in a fatal accident at Lake Eufaula.

According to News 9, Mr. Scherff and six other passengers were stopped on the lake about a mile north of Standing Rock in McIntosh County on Saturday evening. Around 6:22 p.m.,  another boat hit Scherff’s boat from behind, killing Mr. Scherff and sending the other six passengers to a nearby hospital.  The other boat fled the scene. Two of the six passengers have been treated and released from the hospital while the remaining four are still under hospital care.

According to the Tulsa World, the boat that caused this fatal accident had two passengers and neither were injured. Authorities still have not found these occupants and have issued a search warrant. The investigative report was sent to the McIntosh County District Attorney’s office September 7, 2010.

This tragic accident should serve as a reminder that we should not only be careful on the roads, but also on the water, especially during a busy holiday. Our prayers and thoughts go to the families who have lost a loved one and had friends injured all because people were not taking the proper precautions on the lake.

Amber Fraire

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