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Noble McIntyre on March 9, 2017

hernia mesh implant recall

Hernia mesh implants can be excellent for patients who have suffered hernia pain. But, there are several popular hernia mesh implants that are now subject to recalls because of harmful side-effects. Specifically, Ethicon Physiomesh (manufactured by Johnson + Johnson) and Atrium C-Qur (pronounced “secure”) have been recalled, but for different reasons.

How are Physiomesh and C-Qur hernia mesh harming patients?

Physiomesh and C-Qur hernia mesh have been recalled for different reasons. Physiomesh is made from polypropylene, which has been shown to be more likely than other mesh materials to lead to infection in human tissue. Sometimes, those infections can cause the hernia to recur. Physiomesh was removed from the market in May, 2016.

Atrium C-Qur, which includes several varieties of C-Qur hernia mesh, is made with an Omega-3 fatty acid covering the mesh fibers. This Omega-3 fatty acid has caused severe allergic reactions in patients, and lack of proper sterilization has led to C-Qur causing life-threatening infections. C-Qur hernia mesh has been used for chest and wall reconstructions, traumatic injuries and surgical wound treatment.

What to do if you’ve suffered a hernia mesh injury

There is a range of injuries that could be the result of harm from Physiomesh or C-Qur. It could be hard to know for sure if what you’re experiencing is a result of your hernia mesh implant, so if you’re suffering pain, rash, or other symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately. If you have had a hernia mesh implant, it’s also important to know whether your implant is a Physiomesh or C-Qur. If so, there are signs you should look for that it could be causing problems.

If you’re a patient who has a Physiomesh or C-Qur implant, and if you’ve suffered harm as a result, there might be legal avenues to pursue. A conversation with your doctor is the first step, but a consult with the McIntyre Law team could be the second. Contact us any time for a free consultation; our experienced lawyers are handling hernia mesh recall cases and we’re prepared to help you, too.


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