Knee Replacement Surgery Can Help Or Hurt

Jeremy Thurman on November 1, 2011

It used to be that when people retired from 30- or 40-year careers, they really retired. They might play some golf or do some volunteer work, but their lives became somewhat sedentary. This kind of retirement is becoming less and less common as Baby Boomers retire. People over 50 are more active than ever, and while that’s generally a healthy way of life, it’s taking a toll on people’s joints.

Hundreds of thousands of people undergo knee replacement surgery every year. While the surgery alleviates pain and mobility issues for most patients, several others experience knee replacement problems. Unfortunately, some of those problems are far from simple.

One brand of knee replacement in particular has been the source of pain and suffering for many knee replacement patients. The Zimmer knee—specifically the NexGen model—has been the subject of a nationwide knee replacement recall due to the development of several complications, including knee replacement failure, loosening of knee implants, and others.

New technological advances in joint replacement have made knee replacement surgeries less painful than ever before. Recovery time has also been reduced in many cases. However, patients who plan to undergo this procedure should talk with their doctors to be fully aware of the knee replacement brand they’ll be receiving, and what they can expect after surgery.

If you’ve already had knee replacement surgery, you may already be experiencing some problems, especially if you received a Zimmer knee. If you’re not sure what type of knee you received, contact your doctor or the hospital where your surgery was performed to find out.

If it turns out you do have a Zimmer knee, and you’ve been experiencing pain or other, more serious issues, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact McIntyre Law to speak to an experienced Oklahoma Zimmer knee lawyer. No one should have to live in pain.

Jeremy Thurman

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