McIntyre Law is Presently Inquiring into Dangerous Side Effects Allegedly Linked to Dilantin

Noble McIntyre on June 6, 2011

Dilantin (Phenytoin) is a drug manufactured by Pfizer that is used to control various types of seizures and to treat seizures that may begin either during or after surgery to the brain or the nervous system. Dilantin is in the class of medications called anticonvulsants and may be prescribed in an extended-release capsule, a chewable tablet, or a liquid. While Dilantin has proved beneficial in the treatment of seizures, it has also been identified with dangerous and potentially deadly side effects.

The Food and Drug Administration issued an alert in 2008 about a potential link between Dilantin and Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). SJS is a skin disease where the epidermis separates from the dermis and is fatal in about 15% of all cases. The initial symptoms usually include a fever, sore throat, and headaches like a cold or flu. However, the symptoms may get worse and include skin lesions and blisters. The blisters may get so bad that the patient may have to be treated in a burn unit. SJS may potentially turn deadly if the lesions get into the lungs of the victim. Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TENS) is the more advanced form of SJS. Dilantin may also be linked to birth defects in children. A study done at the University of Florida in Gainesville found that mothers who used Dilantin during pregnancy may result in a lower IQ in the child.

Dilantin lawsuits filed against Pfizer have already proven successful. In October 2010, the family of a nine-year old New York girl obtained a $3.78 million settlement against Pfizer. The family brought the wrongful death claim when the girl used Dilantin and developed SJS, resulting in her skin peeling off. Others have already been filed, including filed lawsuits in Illinois and Georgia. These lawsuits allege that Pfizer had failed to warn consumers about the risks associated with Dilantin.

If you or a loved one have taken Dilantin and have experienced an adverse side effect, you may be entitled to participate in a Dilantin lawsuit. McIntyre Law is currently helping individuals who have been affected by Dilantin side effects. Please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation through our website or by calling (877) 917-5250.

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