Press Release: McIntyre Law to Donate 1,400 Hams

Noble McIntyre on March 19, 2013

March 27, 2013 McIntyre Law will be donating 1,400 hams to feed hungry Oklahomans in the Oklahoma City area. The event, inspired by the success of McIntyre Law’s 3rd Annual Day of Kindness, will be hosted at the firm’s Oklahoma City location.

While this is the first year that McIntyre Law has done a charity event around the Easter season, giving back is fundamental to the firm’s identity. Over the past three years, McIntyre Law’s turkey giveaways have grown larger and larger, with McIntyre Law and Lawyers against hunger giving away over 5,000 turkeys this past November.

Next Wednesday, in addition to hams, McIntyre Law will also be offering, burgers, and soda free to participants. Registration will occur at 8601 South Western Avenue, Oklahoma City starting at 11 a.m. Distribution of the hams will begin at noon. The event is expected to be very popular.

Noble McIntyre talked about the need for these programs in Oklahoma, “Hunger is such a prevalent problem in our state. At McIntyre Law we are lucky enough to not have to worry about where our next meal is going to come from, and I feel very fortunate about that. For many of our neighbors though, that’s a real and terrifying worry. If we can help ease their minds even a couple of times a year, then we want to do everything in our power to do so. Events like this and the 3rd Annual Day of Kindness are really important to the work we do. ”

Over the last month or so McIntyre Law has raised over $10,000 towards the event. With so many Oklahoma families in need, the firm hopes to continue to find new ways to give back.

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Noble McIntyre

Noble McIntyre is the senior partner and owner of McIntyre Law who focuses primarily on drug litigation and catastrophic injury cases. He is currently representing clients injured by the drugs Paxil, Levaquin and testosterone therapy drugs and by clients affected by oil field injuries. His goal has and continues to be to work diligently on behalf of his clients to achieve the highest and best result for his clients’ injuries while maintaining professionalism and abiding by all ethical standards of his profession. Read more about Noble McIntyre.

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