Silicone Gel Breast Implant Lawsuits

Noble McIntyre on April 24, 2017

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The two most common reasons why someone might get breast implants are cosmetic, or for breast cancer patients who have undergone mastectomy. Regardless of what the reasons are, lawsuits are being filed against breast implant manufacturer Mentor Worldwide (a Johnson & Johnson company) alleging that silicone-based breast implants were not properly tested before they went to market, and breast implant patients have experienced significant harm as a result.

If you’re thinking that silicone breast implants were banned a long time ago, you’re right. They were banned in 1992, but they returned to the market in 2006. And, boy, did they return — last year, silicone implants were 80% of the $635 million breast implant market!

But, what about the complications that they can cause? There are several potential breast implant complications, but the one that’s been most troublesome is silicone migration. This happens when silicone gel inside the implant breaks down and becomes a liquid, which then raises the risk of breast implant leakage. If the silicone leaks out from the implant, it could migrate to the woman’s lymph nodes, lungs or other organs. If that happens, there might be serious problems, like coughing up silicone. The other part of the problem is that a woman can be unaware that her implants are leaking, and the only way to know for sure is by MRI diagnostics (magnetic resonance imaging). This is an expensive test, and it’s likely that you would need to be showing very specific symptoms for it to be approved by your insurance company.

How do I know if I have issues related to breast implant leakage?

It’s hard to know. Often, the side-effects or complications from breast implants are hard to link directly with the procedure. Sometimes, the complications might be as serious as autoimmune, connective tissue or other systemic diseases. For some women, autoimmune conditions have reversed themselves following removal of silicone breast implants.

If you suspect that you might be experiencing symptoms that could be related to your breast implants, you should first contact your doctor. It’s important to share with your doctor specifically what the symptoms are, and that you have breast implants. If it is the case that your implants might have caused you harm, the McIntyre Law team can help. Our experienced lawyers are working with clients on breast implant leakage lawsuits, and you could be one of them. For more information, and for a free consultation, contact our offices today.


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