Speeding is a Major Problem, and Drivers Know it

Noble McIntyre on January 28, 2014

Speeding is a major problem on U.S. roads, and drivers know it but they do it, anyway. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a study on speeding attitudes and behavior, and the results are discouraging. In the words of U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, “We all have places we need to go, but it’s never the right decision to put ourselves, our families and others in harm’s way to get there faster.” Yet, lots of us do. In fact, the study indicated that one in five drivers admitted to trying to get to his destination as fast as he can.

Speeding-related accidents account for 100,000 lives lost each year, or nearly a third of traffic fatalities. Interestingly, four out of five people surveyed believed that obeying speed limits reduces your chance of a crash or dangerous situation, and 91% said that drivers should obey speed limits because it’s the law. Nearly half of those drivers indicated that it is important to them that measures are taken to reduce speeding. However, notwithstanding, more than a quarter of those surveys said that they sometimes speed without thinking about it and that they enjoy driving fast. As well, sixteen percent think that speeding isn’t dangerous if it’s done by a skilled driver.

Of course, some of the biggest culprits when it comes to speeding are teenagers. Certainly, your best bet for encourage safe teen driving is to talk with your teen about safe driving before s/he gets behind the wheel. Don’t allow your teen to drive unless you believe that s/he is responsible enough to do so. Even the best communication, though, can’t prevent every bad situation – teens are notorious for making poor or uninformed choices. Ford has tried to combat this by introducing MyKey, a device available in certain models that allows parents to monitor their children’s vehicle use, which includes notifying the parent when the vehicle goes above certain speeds.

However, teens aren’t the only ones who speed – after all, all of the study respondents are adults. If danger and crashes are not enough deterrent for you not to speed, also know that speeding can result in points on your driver’s license and, eventually, license suspension and insurance consequences.

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