Spring is Here: Be Careful on those Motorcycles!

Noble McIntyre on March 17, 2015

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The air is getting warmer and the sun is beginning to shine. Lots of people are dusting off their bikes and hitting the road. But, we all need to remember the basics of motorcycle safety. This weekend, three people died after a motorcycle wreck in Lincoln County. NewsOK reports that after a northbound vehicle started to go off the road at U.S. 177 at State Highway 105, the driver overcorrected and the struck a motorcycle driven by Steven Franetovich of Shawnee. Franetovich was thrown from his bike, which was then struck by a motorcycle driven by Clayton Franetovich. A third motorcyclist, Brian Bacon, intentionally laid his bike down to avoid hitting the other two, but he slid off the road. All three were killed.

We’ve talked before about motorcycle safety, and one of the biggest ways to protect yourself from injury is by wearing a helmet. But, there are things that other motorists can do, also, to help keep the roads safe for everyone.

If you’re driving a vehicle other than a motorcycle, keep in mind that road conditions (like potholes) that could be minor annoyances to you could be a major hazard for a motorcyclist. Gravel, potholes, slippery surfaces or grooved pavement could cause a motorcyclist to change speed or direction suddenly. Everyone must follow the same traffic laws, and motorcyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as any other driver, but they have the added dangers of being less visible than other vehicles and that motorcycles require exceptional handling ability.

Be Courteous to Everyone on the Road

While it seems like this should go without saying, lots of people get angry while driving and try to get wherever they’re going first. Really, the priority should be safety. Relax. In most cases, thirty extra seconds won’t make you late—and they could save your life. The “rules” for sharing the road with motorcyclists are really no different from what you should be doing on the road with any other vehicle.

  • Do a visual check for motorcycles when you’re about to change lanes or enter a highway or other major thoroughfare. Motorcycles can easily be in your blind spot.
  • Dim your headlights if a motorcycle is approaching. The blinding effects of high-beams is worse for them than for a driver inside a car.
  • When you’re about to turn, check for a motorcycle approaching and gauge its speed.
  • Leave extra space when traveling behind a motorcycle. Slow down sooner than you would for other kinds of vehicles.
  • Motorcyclists should slow down at intersections and use a hand signal in addition to a turn signal. Be on the lookout for these signals when you’re proximate to a motorcycle.

Know Motorcycle Helmet Laws

If you’re in a motorcycle accident, the likelihood of fatality is reduced by 37% if you’re wearing a helmet; the likelihood of brain damage is reduced by 67%. We think it’s worth it – do you?


Motorcycle Helmet Laws and Statistics
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