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From Indycar to Child Safety Seats: Race Car Technology May Save Infant Lives

Noble McIntyre on June 8, 2011

Child seat manufacturer Dorel is joining forces with an IndyCar supplier to produce what may be the safest child safety seats yet, reports the The New York Times. After noticing how IndyCar drivers can escape from 200 m.p.h. crashes seemingly harmless, Dorel executives have inquired into whether the same technology that protects IndyCar drivers can be applied to child safety seats. As a result, Dorel is now developing seats that use a proprietary foam called expanded polypropylene, or E.P.P, and should become available in 2012.  This foam is incredibly absorbent because its spreads the impact of a crash through the foam so that pressure in a single area is absorbed throughout the foam.  Also, the foam springs back, making it ready for additional impact. Another feature is that the foam weighs less, resulting in lighter seats. Continue reading

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