National Safety Month

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National Safety Month Week 4: Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls

Noble McIntyre on June 23, 2011

Two days ago, June 21st, was the first day of summer. With the summer season comes a plethora of fun, outdoor activities, including swimming in an outdoor pool. Earlier this week we blogged about the dangers of portable swimming pools and the serious drowning risks they pose for young children. However, younger children are not the only ones who face injury around a pool setting. Anybody at any age who does not follow the proper safety precautions can turn pooltime fun into a dangerous activity. Continue reading

National Safety Month Week 3: Safe Teen Driving

Noble McIntyre on June 16, 2011

School is out for summer. The freedom from the classroom. The lazy days at the pool. The opportunity to make money at a job. All of these mean one thing – more teenage drivers out on the road. Unfortunately, car crashes are the leading killer of teenagers, with the summer months being the deadliest. Around twice as many teens die in car crashes in June, July, and August compared to the rest of the year. On average, 422 teens die in car crashes during each of these months, compared to 363 teens during the non-summer months. Continue reading

National Safety Month Week 2: Preventing Overexertion

Noble McIntyre on June 9, 2011

Sometimes “less is more.” This familiar and well-known phrase originated in the 1855 poem “Andrea del Sarto” by Robert Browning. While the majority of us are not scholars of Browning’s work or poetry in general, we can take a lot out of those three simple words. In particular, we can apply the phrase to our lives every day, whether you are trying to meet deadlines at work or are training for a personal best in your next 5k. Continue reading

Hot Weather Safety Guidelines Kicks Off National Safety Month

Noble McIntyre on June 2, 2011

June is National Safety Month, and the National Safety Council has outlined a theme for each week to spread awareness of important safety issues. In particular, the Council would like to prevent unintentional injury and death by informing people about safe and healthy practices. Unintentional injury and death is a pressing issue in the United States and is on the rise. In 2009, unintentional deaths reached an estimated 128, 200, the highest on record. The 2009 estimate is 47% greater than the 1992 estimate of 86,777. Along with unintentional deaths, the financial burden is very staggering. The cost of these injuries to Americans and their employers exceeds $693 billion nationally, which comes out to $5,900 per household.  Statistics, however, cannot measure the immense amount of suffering that is affiliated with these deaths and injuries. Continue reading

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