Technology for the Modern Motorcyclist

Jeremy Thurman on October 2, 2012

There was a time when motorcycle gear was nothing more than a Harley and a helmet, but with technology today branching out into every avenue of life, motorcyclists have more and more tools at their disposal. There are a number of new technologies available that range from the purely social to the purely educational, but they are all great additions to the modern motorcycle community. In the constant quest to stay safe on the roads, and avoid the need for an Oklahoma City motorcycle accident attorney, these innovations help.

Intersection Safety Course

While all motorcyclists should have formal training before they get on the road, the Itunes safety course, Intersection, offers great supplemental training. Designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, the courses are informative and easily accessible in topic and style. Even if you have been riding for years, it’s always good to have a refresher on what’s new with safety laws and practices. These courses allow the user access to four training modules that cover topics from motorcycle basics on up.

Greatestroad App

Have you ever wondered what the best road in your area is for a sunny Sunday ride? Or maybe you’re planning a cross state, or cross country trip, and want to make sure that your route is scenic and safe. Greatestroad is a free app that has you covered; it’s a social application that connects motorcyclists and allows them to rate roads and suggest new routes to other motorcyclists. Roads can be rated on attributes like attractiveness of the scenery, but also on the quality of the pavement, and the volume of traffic.

Motorcycle Safety App

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recently announced that they will be releasing a new app this fall that will help riders assess potential risks and make smart choices. This safety data initiative will help steer riders towards thinking differently about how they ride a motorcycle, and therefore hopefully make the roads safer overall

These new technologies allow motorcyclists to stay in touch with each other, and up to date on safety innovations. However, even with modern innovations, it’s important to not lose sight of other basic safety precautions, like defensive driving, and always wearing a helmet.

Jeremy Thurman

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