Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Noble McIntyre on November 20, 2012

With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, families across the country will be taking a few days to celebrate and give thanks with loved ones. As America turns to Turkey and football, let’s not forget that Thanksgiving can also be a dangerous holiday. The roads on the days surrounding it are some of the most congested all year, and with every burner on every stove simmering away, there are hazards in the kitchen as well.

Keep these tips in mind as you navigate the highways and the kitchen, and hopefully you won’t have to make a trip to the emergency room, a phone call to an Oklahoma car accident attorney, or worst over the weekend.

On the Road

  • If possible try to avoid the busiest times on the road by driving on Tuesday or Saturday, rather than Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Give yourself enough time even with heavy traffic, so that you don’t feel rushed and speed on already congested roads.
  • To stay alert, swap driving duties with a companion, and try to stop every 2 hours.
  • Eat light to prevent drowsiness, if you are planning on driving on Thanksgiving after eating a big turkey dinner, give yourself enough time to digest before hoping in the car.
  • Don’t drink and drive. It can be tempting to overindulge with all of the good cheer going around, but the last thing you want is a DUI over the holiday.

In the Kitchen

  • Check food regularly while cooking, and remain in the home while cooking. Many fires start due to distracted chefs.
  • Turn all pot handles to the inside of the stove to avoid accidents.
  • Consider keeping the entire kitchen a kid-free zone. It’s nice to have little helpers, but with big groups and so many things going on, it’s easier to lose track of what a child is up to.
  • Your kitchen is guaranteed to be full and busy, so make sure that you are keeping anything that might catch fire away from the stove at all times. That includes pot holders, and oven mitts.
  • Make sure your smoke alarm and fire extinguisher are both in working shape before you start cooking a big meal.

For more safety tips check out:
The Red Cross
The National Safety Commission

Noble McIntyre

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