Truck Crash Kills Two Oklahoma Deputies

Jeremy Thurman on October 18, 2011

Car accidents are terrible events and sometimes horrible tragedies. But semi truck accidents can be particularly devastating because of the extent of damages and the higher likelihood of injuries or death to those involved. Oklahoma trucking accidents have caused hundreds of deaths. When a car hits a large truck that weighs more than 10,000 pounds, and can carry up to 80,000 pounds in cargo, there’s little chance of the car’s driver and passengers avoiding serious injury. This was the case on September 30, 2011, when two deputies from Pottawatomie County were killed in a collision with a semi truck.

That Friday evening, deputies Mike Roberts, 45, and Tim Lowry, 56, were traveling on Highway 39, on their way to serve a warrant. They came over a hill, and encountered a tractor trailer pulling a lowboy trailer. The truck driver was trying to make a U-turn in the middle of the highway. The deputy who was driving had no time to react, and the car hit the back of the trailer. Both deputies were pronounced dead at the scene.

According to truck accident statistics, one of the most common causes of large truck crashes is driver fatigue. However, in this case, it’s unclear whether that was a factor, or whether the driver was performing an illegal maneuver in the roadway. What is known is that the truck driver was not injured in the crash.

This is not an uncommon outcome. A driver behind the wheel of such a large vehicle has several thousand pounds of truck offering protection from impact and injury. But the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicles involved in truck accidents like this are far more likely to be injured, or in the case of deputies Lowry and Roberts, to be killed.

At McIntyre Law, we strive to help victims of trucking accidents. Many people who have survived large truck accidents have sustained traumatic brain injuries, quadriplegia and paraplegia, and have even lost limbs. If you’ve suffered because of an accident with a large truck, contact us and let us help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Jeremy Thurman

Jeremy Thurman is an attorney at McIntyre Law who focuses primarily on semi-truck accident and catastrophic injury cases. He is known as a meticulous attorney whose work ethic and small town values translate into excellent results for his clients. Read more about Jeremy Thurman.

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