Two Teens Killed in Payne County Crash

Noble McIntyre on March 5, 2013

Two Oklahoma City Teens were killed in a tragic accident early Friday morning. Daja Brown and Karla Duenes, both 17 were passengers in a van heading west on State Highway 51, when they broke down. Another vehicle crashed into the van while it was being pushed, trapping both of the girls in the van for several hours while emergency crews tried to free them.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol states that while the van was being pushed by three people, a 30 year old man and two teenage boys, the girls remained inside. Michael Reed of Perkins was driving westbound when he crashed into the van. While he was not seriously injured, and has since been treated and released from the hospital, the reasons behind the crash are still unclear. Authorities stated that he did not appear to be impaired, and that the road conditions were fine at the time.

While the two girls died of their injuries, the driver 16-year-old Sofia Gabrielson is in serious condition with a head injury. She was flown by EagleMed to OU Medical Center. The three pedestrians who were trying to push the van survived. Two were treated and released from Stillwater Medical Center, and the third was not hurt.

The girls were students at Classen SAS in Oklahoma City: Dunes was in the ninth grade, Brown was in the 11th grade, and the driver, Gabrielson is a in the 10th grade. The three girls were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash, Reed was.

This is a truly devastating accident, for the girls whose lives were cut short, for their families, and for the larger community. While there are issues of safety that may have been overlooked at the time, the reasons behind Reed crashing into the car are unknown, and the results are tragic all around.

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