Volkswagen Emissions Recall Update

Noble McIntyre on April 26, 2016

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Last fall, the news broke that there would be a huge Volkswagen recall that had to do with the manufacturer’s having falsified emissions tests. Some Volkswagens had been manufactured to include software that could misrepresent the amount of pollutants that cars were putting into the air. For consumers, this caused a lot of problems, including Volkswagens that would fail inspections or that would lose resale value because of the faulty emissions software.

Now, there’s an update to the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Last week, the company said that it would either fix or buy back 500,000 diesel cars in the U.S. that had the illegal software. But, questions remain. There is a June 21st deadline for when Volkswagen must settle questions with the federal government like how much compensation should Volkswagen owners receive. However, the scandal will likely cost Volkswagen billions of dollars. One Kelley Blue Book estimate indicated that if Volkswagen were to buy back every affected car in the U.S., it would cost the company $7 billion. And, of course, there are likely to be additional fines that will add to that price tag. However, Volkswagen has only set aside about $7.6 billion to cover its costs associated with the scandal, so it remains to be seen how that will shake out.

If you own a Volkswagen that is subject to the recall, you could choose to keep the car rather than selling it back to the company, and VW will pay for the repair (along with a little extra compensation). While some of the later-model VWs with the illegal software can be repaired, the earlier model-year vehicles likely can’t be without experiencing a noticeable change to their fuel economy and performance. Still, if you choose to keep your recalled Volkswagen, you could still be creating environmental damage, when the purpose of purchasing that particular vehicle was to be environmentally friendly.

If you’re not sure if your vehicle has been recalled, check the list of recalled Volkswagen cars to be sure.

Takata Recall Update

While we’re on the topic of car recalls, another big one that’s been in the headlines lately is the Takata airbag recall. This one is significant for two major reasons: One is that, unlike the Volkswagen recall, this actually poses a safety risk for drivers and passengers in an affected car. The second is that you might not know if you’re driving a car that has a Takata airbag — but chances are pretty good that you are because this recall involves millions of U.S. vehicles from over 20 brands.

In our January Takata recall update, I let you know that the company was working on manufacturing replacement airbags for the affected vehicles. There is a priority list of the order in which vehicles can receive the replacement parts.

If you have been injured by a defective vehicle part — either physically or financially — we want to help. We’re on your side when the big manufacturers won’t be. Contact McIntyre Law to hear how we can help you be compensated for the vehicle manufacturers’ mistakes.

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