Dog Bites

Oktaha, OK – 6th Grader Injured In Dog Attack

Accident News on May 18, 2019

Oktaha, OK (May 17, 2019) – On May 17, police and emergency crews responded to the scene of a dog attack.

McIntyre Law Wins Case for Edgar Brown’s Family

Jeremy Thurman on March 5, 2019

  Edgar Brown was doing a good deed for his friend on October 6, 2015, but what happened after that would end his life. While he was taking out the trash at a friend’s house, five pit bull mixes from the neighbor’s yard broke through the fence and attacked Edgar. His brother, Dexter Brown, remembers […]

Not All Dogs are Friendly: Tips for Preventing Dog Bites

Jeremy Thurman on July 14, 2015

Dogs might be cute, but that doesn’t mean that they are safe to be around. Even the cutest, littlest dog can give a nasty bite. Whether you frequent dog parks, or simply live in a community where your neighbors are likely to be out walking dogs, you should know a few basic rules for how […]

Sometimes Man’s Best Friend…. isn’t

Jeremy Thurman on April 28, 2014

If you’re a dog lover, there’s no question but that your beloved pup is part of the family. However, part of being a good dog owner is knowing if your dog would be capable of attacking a person — or another dog — and ensuring that its training, proper supervision and confinement will ensure that […]

Bulldog Attacks Child, Leaves Lasting Injuries

Jeremy Thurman on November 5, 2013

You may have heard the unfortunate news a few weeks ago about Gage Thornhill, the four-year-old Hollis boy who was brutally attacked by an American Bulldog. McIntyre Law P.C. is representing Gage in his suit against the dog’s owners.

September is National Guide Dog Month!

Noble McIntyre on September 3, 2013

If you or someone you know has benefited from the use of a guide dog, you can appreciate how important they are and how much they can improve the owner’s quality of life. It’s for that reason that National Guide Dog Month was created, as a celebration of guide dogs’ work and as a way […]

Dog park safety

Noble McIntyre on June 25, 2013

Dog parks can be a great way for dog owners to get some exercise and playtime for their dogs and themselves, and to meet other dog owners. However, there are risks involved for your pup and for you. Following some basic rules of etiquette and using good judgment can keep both you and your dog […]

Man Bites Dog to End Brutal Attack

Noble McIntyre on May 7, 2013

Over the weekend in Madrid Iowa, Laine and Caren Henry were walking their nine year old beagle, Kandy, when they were attacked by a large Labrador retriever mix. The dog rushed the couple and their dog, biting Caren on her leg and abdomen, before going for her face. In an attempt to end the attack […]

Senator Abandons Controversial Dog Breed Specific Bill

Noble McIntyre on January 29, 2013

After much public uproar and debate, the office for Oklahoma State Senator Patrick Anderson has abandoned his proposed Senate Bill 32. Earlier this month Senator Anderson announced his support of SB 32, an Emergency Bill that would have allowed communities to pass ordinances that would prohibit the ownership of certain breeds of dogs within their […]

Pet Friendly Events This Fall

Noble McIntyre on September 25, 2012

It seems like autumn has its own checklist of must-do activities: apple picking, pumpkin carving, hay rides, and fairs. Unfortunately, most of these activities aren’t pet friendly, and families have to leave the family dog at home. This fall though, the Oklahoma City and Tulsa communities have plenty of great events for dogs and their […]

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