McIntyre Law Giving Back

McIntyre Law’s 8th Annual Day of Kindness

Jeremy Thurman on December 19, 2017

  About 17% of Oklahomans live in poverty, which leaves 1 in 4 children at risk of going to bed hungry. Personal injury law firm, McIntyre Law, is on a mission to not let that happen, especially around the holidays. Each year, hundreds of Oklahoma trial lawyers band together to raise money to help give […]

2016 Annual Day of Kindness

Noble McIntyre on December 2, 2016

Hunger is a problem in Oklahoma. Families are scraping by, working hard, and trying their best to have a meaningful, warm and happy holiday season, but some don’t have enough food. At McIntyre Law, we recognize the importance of family, community and holiday spirit — it’s as important to us as it is to you. […]

McIntyre Law’s 6th Annual Day of Kindness

Noble McIntyre on November 10, 2015

McIntyre Law to distribute 5,000 donated turkeys to Oklahoma families McIntyre Law plans to distribute over 25 tons of turkeys (or 5,000 turkeys) for the 6th year in a row to families who struggle with hunger. Once again, the firm has partnered with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and 70 other Oklahoma law firm […]

McIntyre Law Helps High School Mock Trial Team

Jeremy Thurman on April 14, 2015

Students at Moore High School in Moore, Oklahoma are about to have a learning experience that could influence their lives and careers in ways they can’t even imagine. A talented and ambitious group of students is preparing for a national mock trial competition in North Carolina in May.

McIntyre Law Hosts the 5th Annual Day of Kindness

Noble McIntyre on December 2, 2014

McIntyre Law is proud to be part of the Oklahoma City community and to us, “community” means giving back. That’s why the 5th Annual Day of Kindness has become a beloved tradition for our staff. Unfortunately, there are too many people in our community who don’t have the resources to have a hot turkey dinner […]

McIntyre Law’s 4th Annual Day of Kindness

Noble McIntyre on January 22, 2014

Community is everything. The staff at McIntyre Law understands that the health of a community is dependent on the health of its members, which is why we’re committed to providing families in need with a delicious, filling, delectable Thanksgiving dinner for the fourth year running. As one recipient said, “Thank you, McIntyre Law. Because of […]

McIntyre Law’s Easter Ham Giveaway

Noble McIntyre on June 4, 2013

At McIntyre Law, our priority is not only to be your best advocate for all of your legal needs, but to give back to the community in as many ways as we can. Last year’s 3rd Annual Day of Kindness, where we gave away thousands of Thanksgiving turkeys to hungry Oklahomans, was a huge success. […]

McIntyre Law’s 3rd Annual Day of Kindness

Noble McIntyre on November 20, 2012

“My family and I are going to have a good thanksgiving again this year thanks to McIntyre Law. Last year you provided the meat for our dinner as well. It is amazing how much one turkey does for our whole family. God bless all of you for making my life less stressful. Thank you,” wrote […]

McIntyre Law Distributes Hundreds of Air Conditioners

Noble McIntyre on November 14, 2012

This past August, in connection with the Oklahoma Association for Justice, McIntyre Law launched a project that placed air conditioning units in over two-hundred homes across the state of Oklahoma. Members of the Oklahoma Association for Justice worked on a campaign together that focused on making a huge difference in the lives of families throughout […]

2010 Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Noble McIntyre on April 19, 2012

Angel Food Ministries and McIntyre Law Bring Thanksgiving Cheer to Oklahoma Thank God for you all being able to help and serve so many people this Thanksgiving. May God bless you. Thanks, Lamar One simple act of kindness at the right moment can change the direction of a life and shine a light of hope […]

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