Noble In The News

Noble McIntyre is more than your experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney. He’s a leader in the community because of his engagement in civic events, contributions to local causes and his ongoing commitment to keeping Oklahomans informed about legal issues as they arise. Watch just some of the ways that Noble shares his expertise on the Fox25 Know the Law segment.

Attorney Noble McIntyre honored by OSU

Our own Noble McIntyre has been honored for changing lives through Living Oklahoma and Fox25’s “A Noble Cause” campaign. Watch his story on Fox’s “Changed Lives” segment here:

Attorney Noble McIntyre honored by OSU

The Hot Seat: Liquor Laws

Can a small business compete with a big-box store that sells wine and liquor? Should big-box stores like Walmart be allow to sell liquor? That’s the question before the Oklahoma legislature, and Noble McIntyre weighs in:

The Hot Seat: Right to Farm

Can farmers defend themselves against unjust rules and laws? Or, do we need to be protecting animals? California passed Proposition 2, which protects animals against cruelty. Now, Oklahoma is dealing with similar questions. Is there a compelling state interest in a strict scrutiny review when it comes to farmers’ businesses? Here’s what Noble McIntyre has to say on the issue:

Fair Labor and Your Job

This Know the Law segment explores the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which gave rights to employees in the workforce. Of course, much has changed since then. This act is responsible for things like minimum wage, equal pay for men and women, and other laws of which you’re probably aware. Whether you’re paid hourly or salaried, and the amount that you earn, are important because there have been significant changes this year that could affect whether or not you’re entitled to overtime pay. Here, Noble McIntyre explains:

A Noble Cause: Award Winner Rachel Dockery

This month, I’m honoring Rachel Dockery for her work with Project Linus, an organization that provides blankets to children suffering from illness, trauma or other hardship.

A Noble Cause: Award Winner Kelsey Rice

Teen Kelsey Rice has devoted her time and effort to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which is known nationwide for raising awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Kelsey is passionate about the Komen Foundation in honor of her grandmother, who struggled with the disease. See why Kelsey’s dedication is so meaningful to us:

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Have you considered nursing home care for a loved one? It’s a reality for a lot of people, but not all nursing homes are created equal. In fact, nursing home abuse and neglect happens more often than you might think. It’s crucial that you do your research when choosing a nursing home for a loved one. Here, Noble McIntyre shares an important change to the law: You are no longer required to sign an arbitration agreement when putting someone in a nursing home. View the segment below for more on this and additional tips to keep your loved ones safe — and warning signs that they might not be.

Fantasy Football — is it legal?

Noble McIntyre breaks down DraftKings, FanDuel and other online gaming sites so you can be sure that your gaming is on the up and up.

A Noble Cause: Award winner Aleiha Mitchell

You might already know that Noble McIntyre and his team devote time, effort and funding to giving back to the Oklahoma community. But, the McIntyre Law Annual Day of Kindness isn’t all of what he does. He’s also giving the Noble Cause award to a deserving young adult who is making efforts to help others. See why Aleiha Mitchell is so deserving of this honor.

Updates to Distracted Driving laws

Distracted driving is more than texting. It could be looking at a map, eating, using the radio, or engaging in any activity that takes your eyes, hands or brain away from driving — even for a moment. There are new laws in place in Oklahoma that make the consequences more severe. See what Noble McIntyre has to say, and hear why distracted driving is so personal for him.

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