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Noble McIntyre is more than your experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney. He’s a leader in the community because of his engagement in civic events, contributions to local causes and his ongoing commitment to keeping Oklahomans informed about legal issues as they arise. Watch just some of the ways that Noble shares his expertise on the Fox25 Know the Law segment.

A Noble Cause: Award winner Katie Symes

In the first A Noble Cause award, teen Katie Symes is awarded the honor from Noble McIntyre for her efforts in raising money to help children with medical need receive care without having to leave Oklahoma.

Katie Symes

Introducing A Noble Cause Awards, sponsored by Noble McIntyre

Noble McIntyre works hard to make a positive difference in the Oklahoma community, and it’s important to him to encourage others — specifically, kids — to do the same. That’s why he’s sponsoring the A Noble Cause awards. See why Gabriela Rueda received the first honor.

Noble McIntyre on Dog bites

In some states, a dog gets “one free bite”. That means that if a dog bites someone, he gets another chance before the owner can be held strictly liable for injuries resulting from that bite. This isn’t the case in Oklahoma, which is why you need to know the facts. This affects you both as a dog owner and if you become a dog bite victim. What are the most dangerous dog breeds?

What do you do after an automobile accident?

Noble McIntyre explains the financial benefits to hiring a personal injury lawyer. In Oklahoma, you could recover more than just medical bills, which is why a lawyer will help you recover more money than what the insurance would. Find out more:

New laws about boating and drinking

There is a new provision to Oklahoma law with respect to boating. In addition to fines, you could even have your driver’s license revoked if you get pulled over for DUI while operating a boat.

What do you do if you’re pulled over by a police officer in Oklahoma?

Noble McIntyre has tips for protecting yourself in that situation, remaining calm and making sure that you’re doing the right thing.

How are judges selected?

The system is changing for how judges are chosen for the bench in Oklahoma. You might not think it affects you, but if you end up court, the judge has a tremendous effect on the outcome. Learn more about new legislation that affects how judges are selected.

Noble McIntyre on Uninsured motorists

1 in 4 drivers on Oklahoma roads are uninsured. Uninsured motorist insurance coverage can protect you in a collision. Noble McIntyre has all the facts that your insurance agent might not tell you about how and why this is essential.

Could you go to jail because of Pokémon Go?

Don’t drive and play Pokémon! What could happen if there’s a Pokémon on your property and someone is injured while playing? Noble McIntyre has the whole scoop.

When is an engagement ring a contract?

A broken engagement can be about more than a broken heart. In most cases, an engagement ring is a gift that has no strings attached. If the engagement doesn’t work out, who keeps the ring? Hear what Noble McIntyre has to say about the issue.

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