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After being hassled by the insurance company for 8 months, I contacted McIntyre Law, after seeing them on TV, I was then assigned Jordan Southerland and never had anymore hassle. She got all my bills paid and a little extra and without her this would have never happened. I had back problems due to the accident and she helped me get treatment and get fixed up. They wanted a MRI money upfront but I didn’t have any money so Jordan helped me get MRI and treatment and it was all paid for from my settlement. The insurance company kept calling and bugging me and said they would not pay any bills but when I hired McIntyre Law and got help from Jordan all my bills were paid. McIntyre Law running those commercials really helped me to find an attorney. I would recommend McIntyre Law and I would suggest to people the moment you are in an accident you get an attorney because I learned the hard way by waiting.

From the first phone call, I found them, and all of their staff, to be very professional and friendly. My husband and I never felt like we were just another case. They make it a point to make you feel like you are the most important case they have.

Just wanted to say thank you for all that you did for us! Adrienne is doing well, half way through her first year of college and her future couldn’t look brighter. I can’t tell you enough how glad I am now that you convinced me to hang in there and continue with the rest of the group. I don’t know where Adrienne would be at this time, or how much different or difficult her life would be. It is still a long road to healing that has seemed to roll on forever, but you both gave us hope. I am grateful for the time you invested and the determination you showed even when things looked very grim. Thank you again for all you have done!!

The Stewart Family
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