Personal Injury

Filing a personal injury claim in Oklahoma

Noble McIntyre on March 8, 2016

How long do I have to file an Oklahoma personal injury claim? A “statute of limitations” is the legal term for the amount of time you have to file a claim. Generally, you have two years from the date of the incident to file a personal injury claim in Oklahoma. If you wait longer than […]

Staying safe on the football field!

Noble McIntyre on November 23, 2015

There are few things more wholesome and all-American than high school football, right? But, the popular sport (for players and spectators) is coming under scrutiny because of increased attention to serious injuries that happen on the field.

Recall Roundup: Dangerous Baby Equipment

Noble McIntyre on July 29, 2014

If you’re anything like the attorneys at McIntyre Law, P.C., we can probably agree that the most important thing in our lives is the health and safety of our families. That’s why it’s scary to see commonplace baby items being recalled in the news; we spend lots of effort and money trying to keep our […]

Pool Drain Entrapments: Know how to prevent them

Noble McIntyre on August 13, 2013

Usher “Cinco” Raymond V, the five-year-old son of R&B and pop star Usher, had a scary near-miss last week after becoming stuck in a pool drain. Ultimately, it took three adults to free him from the drain. Thankfully, Cinco is on his way to recovery, but the incident is raising public awareness of the very […]

Homebuyers Checklist

Noble McIntyre on July 24, 2012

Because of simple inexperience, it’s easy for first-time homebuyers to overlook several important factors during the process of buying a home. Realtors may not point out safety considerations about the neighborhood or surrounding areas, so rather than rely on them to volunteer such information, you’re better off doing your own research. Other things to keep […]

Christmas Tree Safety

Jeremy Thurman on December 27, 2011

There is nothing like a freshly cut, beautifully decorated Christmas tree to get you in the holiday spirit. Christmas may be over, but if you’re like most people, you like to enjoy your tree through the holidays to the new year. While Christmas trees provide for holiday traditions and fun, they can also pose a […]

Oklahoma Oil Field Safety

Jeremy Thurman on November 15, 2011

Oklahoma is oil country, as evidenced by the thousands of oil pump jacks that dot the state’s landscape. Drilling for oil is not an easy task. It requires a lot of heavy equipment, and the people who work in the industry need specialized skills and knowledge. As with any job that uses heavy equipment, the […]

“Hot Coffee” Informs About the Lies of Tort Reform Propaganda

Noble McIntyre on June 21, 2011

Americans, be aware. One of our most important constitutional rights is currently being attacked. The 7th Amendment provides Americans with the right to justice through the civil court system. This mechanism provides every citizen an opportunity to fight back against those have violated our life, liberty, and protections of law. However, this right is currently […]

Boardwalk and Bounce House Disasters Raise Safety Concerns

Noble McIntyre on June 7, 2011

Fun turned into disaster last week in New Jersey and New York, sparking debate on whether apparently safe activities are indeed secure. On June 3rd, an 11-year-old girl fell 100 feet and died from a Ferris wheel on the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk Morey’s Pier. A Wildwood police captain reported that the Ferris wheel was in […]

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