Safety Hazards

Never Give Up Until They Buckle Up

Noble McIntyre on March 24, 2015

Hopefully, you’re one of the millions of Americans who immediately buckles his or her seat belt when you get in the car. Many of us do this without even thinking about it because it’s so routine and so ingrained into our normal behavior—as it should be. Now, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic […]

What you Need to Know about the 2015 Measles Outbreak

Noble McIntyre on February 17, 2015

It’s back. Measles was once considered to be a disease that was long gone… like polio or mumps, for example. But, whether or not there have been cases in your community yet, there’s a likelihood that there will be at some point. We don’t want anyone to be alarmed, but we do want you to […]

Liquid Nicotine Safety: This Little-Known Danger Can Kill a Child

Jeremy Thurman on January 6, 2015

Have you heard of “vaping”? This term describes the act of using a “personal vaporizer”, commonly known as an e-cigarette (or electronic cigarette). This battery-powered vaporizer feels similar to tobacco smoking, but does not use tobacco. Rather, they use nicotine from tobacco plants. They don’t produce cigarette smoke; they produce an aerosol (like a vapor) […]

More than Holiday Cheer to Keep You Warm

Noble McIntyre on December 30, 2014

If you’re here in Oklahoma, you’re waking up this week to news that we’re expecting a chilling cold snap. The forecast includes below freezing temperatures for the metro area through most of the week. Even towards the end of the week, the forecast is for temperatures that go barely above freezing. Along with the cold, […]

Making a List, Checking it Twice…for Toxic Toys

Noble McIntyre on December 16, 2014

You’re probably in the midst of holiday gift-buying frenzy, or maybe your gifts are neatly wrapped and ready to be given to excited recipients. If your gift-giving involves pint-sized loved ones, though, you might want to take a little extra caution as you fill the stockings, especially if you’re loading up on fun trinkets or […]

Turkey! Football! Have an Injury-free Thanksgiving

Noble McIntyre on November 25, 2014

If your family is one whose traditions include a spirited game of Thanksgiving touch football, you’re not alone. For families all across America, a game of football is… as American as Thanksgiving, itself. But, if you’re not careful, that fun holiday game could have some serious repercussions.

Safe — not spooky — on Halloween!

Jeremy Thurman on October 28, 2014

Kids, especially, love Halloween. It’s possible that yours have been planning their costumes since July (or sooner). And, while kids and adults alike love to get into the festivities, costumes, sweets and general Halloween merriment, it’s important to be aware of a few safety guidelines so that we can all remain safe and healthy.

Is Your Furniture Hazardous to Your Kids’ Health?

Noble McIntyre on October 21, 2014

If you have very young children or babies, you’ve probably thought about baby-proofing your home – you make sure that there are no small objects around that could be choking hazards, you might gate your stairs to prevent children from falling, and you likely take plenty of other precautions to ensure your children’s safety. But, […]

2014 Fire Prevention Week

Noble McIntyre on October 8, 2014

Once in a while, a little flashing light on a smoke detector in your home might catch your eye. But, when was the last time you actually checked your smoke detectors to make sure that they are still in good working order? Probably not for a while. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good […]

Recall Roundup: Home Safety Devices

Noble McIntyre on September 16, 2014

We all rely on certain things to make our homes work smoothly and keep us safe. However, even the devices we rely on to keep us safe can have problems… and we have a few recalls of which you should be aware.

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