Semi Truck Accidents

Oklahoma City, OK – Crash On Interstate 44 Results In Injuries

Accident News on May 2, 2019

Oklahoma City, OK (May 2, 2019) – Just after 5:00 a.m. on May 1st, Oklahoma City Police and emergency crews responded to the scene of a collision on the Interstate 44.

Watonga, OK – Fatal Truck Accident Takes One Life on OK-3

Accident News on April 27, 2019

Watonga, OK (April 27, 2019) – A 60-year-old man identified as Leroy Owens lost his life in a fatal truck accident that involved two semis on Oklahoma 3.

Oklahoma City, OK – Semi Driver Seriously Injured In Crash On S Cimarron Rd

Accident News on April 26, 2019

Oklahoma City, OK (April 26, 2019) – On Friday, April 26, Oklahoma City Fire Department responded to a serious accident in the 6000 block of S Cimarron Road. According to OKCPD, a semi-truck driver was traveling near the intersection of S Cimarron Road and SW 59th Street when a dog ran out in front of […]

McIntyre Law Secures $4.25 Million Trucking Accident Settlement

Noble McIntyre on October 22, 2018

  McIntyre Law recently secured a $4,250,000 settlement for a Tulsa man who tragically lost his wife in an accident caused by the operator of a tractor trailer. The civil jury agreed that severe deficiencies in the trailer’s maintenance and safety systems contributed to the accident and ordered the company to pay $3M for their […]

What is an underride accident?

Noble McIntyre on March 29, 2016

An underride accident is when a passenger vehicle crashes into the rear or a tractor-trailer, and the result is often fatal. Although tractor-trailers are required to be equipped with underride guards, these often fail, even in low-speed crashes. When a passenger vehicle crashes into the rear of a tractor-trailer, the upper part of the passenger […]

Oklahoma Trucking Accidents Affect Everyone

Noble McIntyre on August 18, 2015

You could be one of the lucky ones who has never been in an Oklahoma trucking accident, but there is a chance that one could affect you at some time in your life. Even if you’ve never driven a truck (or never plan to), an accident can injure anyone – a trucker, another motorist, a […]

Trucking Accidents: Why do they Happen and Who is Responsible?

Noble McIntyre on January 13, 2015

We’ve talked a lot about the dangers associated with all kinds of traffic accidents—everything from Driving Under the Influence (DUI), distracted driving, teens driving and winter driving to trucking.

The Life of a Truck Driver

Jeremy Thurman on February 21, 2012

The dangerous effects of driving while tired are well documented. This especially becomes a problem for truck drivers who spend many hours every day on the road. Our truck accident attorneys have helped many clients who were injured, or whose loved ones were killed by crashes with semi trucks. It’s rare for someone to survive […]

Truck Accidents May be Reduced by New Rule

Noble McIntyre on February 3, 2012

Our Oklahoma City truck accident attorneys see many different reasons why truck accidents occur. Distracted driving, bad weather, and inexperienced drivers are just some of the factors that can possibly attribute to a trucking accident. One factor that has received a great deal of debate recently is driver fatigue and the driver hours-of-service rule. In […]

Semi Truck Accident in Tulsa

Jeremy Thurman on January 10, 2012

Tulsa is starting the year off with a semi truck accident. A semi trailer truck hit a bus traveling eastbound on Interstate 44 on the morning of January 9, 2012. Fortunately, no one was killed, but a 69-year-old woman was transported to the hospital in serious condition, while a 49-year-old man was treated at the […]

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