Worker’s Compensation

What to do after you’ve been injured on the job

Noble McIntyre on February 16, 2016

What is workers’ compensation? Injured on the job? If you have suffered a workplace injury, you could be eligible for workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation is insurance that is used to compensate an injured worker for disability, medical and rehabilitation expenses associated with the injury. This is designed to protect both the employee and the […]

Oklahoma Workmans Comp May Soon Change

Jeremy Thurman on July 31, 2012

To save money spent on workmans comp, Oklahoma policymakers plan to overhaul the state’s program, and change it from a court-based system to an administrative one. While the number of claims has decreased over the last decade or so, court-ordered compensation has continued to rise. What does this mean for you?

Oklahoma Workers Compensation Important to Construction Industry

Noble McIntyre on March 1, 2012

The construction industry is an essential component of our country’s economy. New buildings, homes, and roads are built everyday to allow businesses to grow, and to help keep our nation—and its economy—interconnected. Overall, nearly 6.5 million people work at approximately 252,000 construction sites across our nation each day. It’s also a very dangerous industry, and […]

Oklahoma Workers Compensation Laws to Change in 2012

Jeremy Thurman on October 11, 2011

Most Oklahoma businesses are required to provide workers compensation insurance to their employees, which covers injuries and illness suffered while on the job. Workers compensation insurance allows an injured employee to continue to support themselves and their family while they recover from a work-related injury or illness. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get […]

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